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Sayed Mohammad Mahdi Al-Husseini Almodarresi was born in Kuwait in 1977. He comes from a scholarly family which includes supreme religious jurists (Marja'a) such as Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Taqi Almodarresi ( His father is Ayatollah Sayyed Hadi Almodarresi, a prominent scholar, speaker, author, and ideologist in the Islamic world ( who has written over 200 books. His is a well known family that dominated the Hawza (Islamic seminaries) of Karbala, Iraq his native city - for many years. Sayed Mahdi Almodarresi's lineage goes back to the Prophet of Islam, Mohammad through his grandson Imam Al Hussain (peace be upon them).

Lecturing at a function in London

Since early years, Sayed Mahdi accompanied his father in most of his visits, gatherings, and classes, both public and private. His father took care of him and was both his teacher and spiritual master. Under his tutelage, Sayed Mahdi followed a solid traditional curriculum, studying, step-by-step, the major classical works on the various disciplines of the Islamic law as well as the instrumental disciplines including the English language.

Under the supervision of his father, Sayyed Mahdi Almodarresi undertook his religious education  in the Islamic Seminary in Damascus, Syria, and in the Islamic Seminary of Qum, Iran from which he graduated as an Islamic scholar. He also undertook his early academic education in the United States of America, finally studying sociology, politics, and philosophy at tertiary level in Australia.

Interview on SAHAR satellite TV

He is the author of 4 books, the first of which entitled "About the Signs of Allah and His Greatness" (Arabic) was published when he was only 15 years old!. His first English title is "Say: He is Allah" which is being prepared for publishing. He is also working as the supervisor of a committee set up with the task of writing educational material to be distributed to the American and British forces stationed in Iraq in order to inform them about Islam and invite them to better understand its principles and thought.

He has been interviewed in numerous newspaper articles and has appeared on TV programs such as the English service of Iran's SAHAR satellite TV. He has also lectured at universities and colleges on issues relating to Islam and is a strong proponent of interfaith dialogues, engaging in  such discussions on a frequent basis with the belief that they are one the most effective methods of bridging the gap between the Muslims who follow the line of Ahl-ul-bayt and members of other religious denominations.

Lecture at the University of New South Wales

Sayyed Mahdi Almodarresi is probably more famous for his Arabic and unique English speeches. He speaks three languages fluently including Arabic, English, and Farsi (Persian). Some of his captivating speeches can be found on this web site at

Almodarresi has traveled to over 30 countries all over the world preaching the word of Allah and introducing thousands to the light of ahl-ul-bayt (PBUT). He has lectured across the globe from Detroit to Washington DC, New York, London, Damascus, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Karbala, Baghdad, and many other cities in an effort to introduce the masses to the guidance of the Final Revelation.

Lecture at the University of Karbala, Iraq


Sayyed Almodarresi also represents a number of prominent Supreme religious jurists (Maraje'a) who have appointed him as their representative.




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