Londonís grand husseini majlis: Christians and Sikhs also join


Londonís grand Husseini majlis: Christians and Sikhs also join


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By: Nabil Raza

LONDON: A grand majlis-e-aza to mark the tragic event of Karbala and pay homage to Imam Hussein (peace be on him) and his 72 rightful companions was held in the capital city of Britain, London.

The Majlis-e-Husseini organized by Aal-ul-Bait (peace be on them) Foundation at a hotel and three big halls was attended by multitudes of mourners. It is the second constant year that Aal-ul-Bait (peace be on them) Foundation invites As-Sayyed Mahdi Al-Modarresi for English majalis.

It is worth noting that a large number of non-muslims from Christians and Sikhs also participated in the Majlis which is counted as grand majlis in Britain and the European continent with respect to great interest from different visions and society classes.






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